Blogger API Blog

The Blogger API is a powerful tool that allows developers to interact with the Blogger platform, enabling them to create, manage, and access blog content.

RTK Query vs React Query

RTK Query and React Query: Powerhouse Solutions for State Management in the React Ecosystem

TypeScript: From Beginner to Advanced - A Developer's Guide

TypeScript is a powerful programming language that enhances JavaScript with static typing, object-oriented features, and advanced tooling capabilities.

Redux Toolkit vs. Context API in React: A Comprehensive Comparison

State management is a crucial aspect of building robust and scalable React applications. Two popular options for state management in React are Redux Toolkit and Context API.

Integrating Scrapy with Django

In today's data-driven world, web scraping plays a crucial role in gathering information from various websites.

Web Scraping with Chrome Extensions

Web scraping is the automated extraction of data from websites. No technical knowledge is required when scraping with chrome extensions.

What's new in next.js 13 - A Developer's Guide

Next.js is a popular open-source framework for building modern web applications using React.

Mother's Day

Words are bound to fall short when it comes to Mothers and what they go through their entire life for their children.

Annual Lunch 2023

Smiles, get-togethers, hot lava cakes, favorite dishes, bright winter sun - here's a glimpse of Prixite's Annual Lunch 2023!

ScoopRank Intro Blog

ScoopRank is a deep tech product that ranks entities and tracks trends of entities in real time across internet.